Oil analysis report on equipment is as important as a person’s blood reports. Through a blood report, we can identify ailments in our body. And in the same way, we can use oil analysis on heavy equipment to tell if the engine we see is high-speed, really fast, or that it is weaker from the inside. Remember that we humans look strong from the outside, but we can transmit many diseases that remain hidden in our bodies; machines also have problems from the inside. However, they can still be healthy from the outside. It is the owner’s responsibility to check the fluids in the machine in time. Then an analysis is crucial to determine the actual position of the machine and whether the equipment is not as healthy as the way it look. You need to take steps need to address this issue.

The supplier does not have the tools to perform the oil analysis, so it is advisable to contact an authorized and qualified oil analysis laboratory to perform the necessary tests and provide you with a detailed report. Fortunately, the oil analysis lab provides you with two types of reports. One is the preliminary report, and the other is the report on diesel cranks. The basic report is less helpful because it provides only limited information on metal wear and contaminants. But there is more than the previous test, so the consultant recommends going with the diesel cranks case report. The owner can obtain a detailed report analysis to understand the machine’s current position. In addition, it provides feedback on wear metals and contaminants and additives, viscosity, and base number.

oil analysis on heavy equipment
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In addition to these two analyses, many oil analyzes can be more expensive than the previous two tests.

This is because they contain many chemicals that prolong the process but make it more precise. So, they can ask for it if someone wants advanced oil analysis. By paying a little more, you will reduce your worries because you have the right image for you, which will help you decide what to do next. After completing the tests and taking preventive measures, the next question is when you should undergo the tests again. Well, the guys in the laboratory will inform you. Get some advice and guide from them on how to deal with it and what extra care you should take.

Regular oil analysis on heavy equipment can extend the engine’s life and increase efficiency. And you may find that the engine uses less fuel and becomes more productive.

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