Kawasaki 70ZV Wheel Loader

Asking Price: $39,500

This Kawasaki 70ZV is equipped with an enclosed cab, 3.5 cubic yard bucket, exterior work lighting package, and safety backup alarm, heat and A/C. Extremely clean inside and out with all-glass intact. Call for more info.

Ground Clearance 1.33 ft in
Length With Bucket On Ground 24.94 ft in
Bucket Width 8.76 ft in
Height to Top of Cab 10.95 ft in
Width Over Tires 8.49 ft in
Wheelbase 10.01 ft in
Hinge Pin- Max Height 12.77 ft in
Number of Cylinders 6
Net Power 168 hp
Displacement 359 cu in
Operational Weight 31592.3 lb
Power Measured @ 2400 rpm
Torque Measured @ 1300 rpm
Fuel Capacity 75.3 gal

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