Everyone in the construction industry understands the need for equipment maintenance, but how to maintain your machine to cut equipment repair costs by 25%?

Machine maintenance not only saves you money but also keeps your employees safe and your machinery running at peak efficiency. For example, according to research, managers who use preventive maintenance practices are in the 90th percentile for project completion on time, while those who don’t are in the 19th percentile.

How To Maintain Your Machine?

1. Become acquainted with your tools.

Reading the factory-supplied manual is the first and most critical step in maintaining your heavy equipment. The handbook will not only help you learn about the parts of your machine and how they work, but it will also give you maintenance suggestions and instructions on how to fix a variety of common problems.

You should also check in with your operators frequently. They interact with the system daily and have a “feel” for how it works. They’re also well-versed in the equipment’s peculiarities. As a result, they’ll be the first to notice if something is amiss, typically even before the machine’s monitoring equipment.

2. Take preventative measures to avoid the most common mechanical failure causes.

While accidents and unavoidable equipment failures sometimes happen, three forms of mechanical failure can be avoided by following a few simple precautions. The following are the three most common causes of equipment failure.

Mechanically-induced failure—The easiest to avoid is machine failure caused by a mechanical fault, which can be avoided by keeping adequate lubrication and alignment, tightening all bolts, and replacing broken parts as soon as possible.

Thermally-induced failure—This form of failure occurs due to harsh weather or substantial temperature swings. For example, the Blue Diamond Machinery is located in Las Vegas. Because of the location, machinery might fail due to thermally induced failure during the summer months. So keep your equipment in the shade during the summer and in elevated level during winter.

Erratic failure is a term used to describe when something goes wrong.

Overloads, as well as software and hardware problems, are the most typical causes of intermittent failure. Though unpredictable failure is more difficult to prevent than other types of machine failure, you can lower the odds by using diagnostic equipment such as scan tools or emissions analyzers.

how to maintain your machine
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The manual for your unit includes the maintenance schedule. Stick to it. However, keep in mind that the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals are based on typical operating conditions. If you operate your equipment in a climate with many muck, ice, snow, or temperature extremes, you may need to maintain it more frequently.

4. Make a maintenance checklist and stick to it.

A maintenance checklist is a valuable tool for staying organized and ensuring that no portion of the machine is ignored. The following items should be on the maintenance checklist:

First, look for corrosion, dents, or other damage on the undercarriage. Then, examine the filters, fluid levels, lines, and fitting during the brake inspections.

Make that the fluid levels, air filter, belts, hoses, and battery connections are all in good working order.

5. Avoid overworking your machinery using the John Deere Safety and Maintenance Inspection Checklist.

You can find the performance specifications in the owner’s manual. Sticking to load and incline weight restrictions is critical, as overworking your machine might cause exhaust issues. If you see signs of overheating, give your machine a rest and limit use to a minimum outside of acceptable operating temperatures.

6. Properly store your equipment.

It would be best to store your construction equipment in a covered and dry area away from direct sunshine and water. If you’re going to store your equipment for an extended period, make sure to start and move it at least once a month. This step will aid in the preservation of lubricant.

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Source: Blue Diamond