The high-reach forklift is the ideal machine for any warehouse. This machine should be available in your warehouse and is limited in space. Compared to a standard forklift, a high-reach forklift can lift more loads and is easier to move in different terrains (thanks to pneumatic wheels). As a result, this forklift is ideal for outdoor operations such as agriculture, road construction, etc. So how do you benefit from owning this versatile device? For this text and a better description of all functions, we will mention the Crown High Series forklift as an example.

Crown Equipment Corporation is a famous US manufacturer of all forklift truck types. It is the 5th manufacturer globally, and the industries know them for precision, versatility, superior durability, and high-quality equipment. The first forklift was manufactured in 1956. However, the brand is mainly famous for its high-reach forklifts.

Crown High Reach Forklift

high reach forklift
Photo credits to Bendi Australia

The Crown High Series forklift is a versatile and flexible device that provides excellent performance. They are available in different sizes and capacities. Engineers designed some for a 1.4 to 2.5 tons load capacity, while others offer a higher load capacity. An AC motor powers most high-reach forklifts. These engines provide increased performance and lower maintenance costs. In addition, some models have a sensor function that automatically shuts the engine when reaching a critical height.

The standard Crown High Reach Forklift has three maneuvering settings: soft, complex, and creep speed. These settings allow operators to adjust performance. The intricate setting provides high speed (suitable for long runs), while the soft setting limits the speed and extends battery life. The company highly recommends the crawl speed for its best performance.

In addition to the primary benefit – greater reach capacity, the Crown forklift can also have higher business efficiency and overall warehouse performance in your warehouse.

If you want to buy a high-end Crown forklift, you can choose between new or used equipment. But, first, find reliable dealers who can supply various forklifts. A trusted reseller will evaluate your material management operating system requirements, budget, and load characteristics to help you choose the best Crown forklift for your business.

Source: HowImportant