One of the most important aspects of any construction site is personal protective equipment or PPE. When site managers hear this, they immediately think of hard hats, gloves, reflector jackets, gumboots, hard shoes, and goggles. These are, of course, necessary safety equipment for those working on your construction site, but they are insufficient. In addition, most people would overlook the requirement for back support devices for those who move large manual goods at their workplace, including heavy lifting equipment.

You should invest in the correct back support straps for your personnel in addition to your safety footwear and other PPE components. Most building materials are pretty heavy, and regularly lifting persons will develop back problems to varying degrees. Therefore, you should have the correct construction equipment to lift weighty objects and back PPE for your employees. Here are some of the numerous types of heavy lifting equipment to think about:


These are also known as lift trucks, and they are motorized trucks that come in a variety of load capacities and sizes, with the majority of them having a weight capacity of 1 to 5 tons. Forklifts use propane, diesel, or gasoline to power its engine. A handful of the more modern ones are electrically operated and have rechargeable batteries. You may personalize your forklifts by adding different attachments to handle specific weights and make them fit your building site.

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On your construction site, you have two crane options for lifting objects. One is mobile and mounted on a truck to move around quickly. The other option is fixed, which allows for better control and the transportation of heavy loads. Construction industries use hydraulic and crawler cranes on construction sites, rough terrain. A problematic terrain crane is the finest choice for construction since it can negotiate rocky construction sites thanks to its sturdy tires and all-wheel capabilities. In addition, hydraulic cranes are small and adaptable, allowing them to perform various jobs. For short-term building work, they are the most excellent option.


Loaders are the most frequent heavy machine used for building site transportation. This machine lifted cement, gravel, and sand in enormous mounds. These loaders are equipped with unique wheels to handle the rugged terrain seen on construction sites. In addition, loaders also have enormous mobile shovels that can load large amounts of construction material onto them.

Strand Jacks

These are the most acceptable options for consistent heavy lifting on construction sites where crane movement is restricted. Strand jacks use strong steel wires and hydraulic pressure to move objects. They’re compact, so they’re simple to use, even on a construction site. On the other hand, Strand jacks are pretty intricate and may require the assistance of a skilled specialist.

When you use the above equipment to transport materials on your site, you reduce the risk of back injuries that are common when utilizing manual loaders. This alternative also lowers your construction project’s labor costs. As a result, they are your most outstanding options for lifting building materials and machines on your construction site.

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