Maybe some people think that the wheels are complementary accessories and have little influence on the vehicle’s performance. Maybe you need a little look at the heavy equipment loader tires, the brand, and the existing pattern on the tire’s surface. The heavy equipment loader tires made of different sizes must have a specific purpose for the conditions.

Therefore, we will discuss a few tips to determine the type of tire suitable for application in heavy equipment loaders.

Loader is one kind of used heavy equipment to move or carry objects such as sand, gravel, soil and stone, asphalt. There are different types of loaders available, and each type of loader has the advantages of each and, of course, a different function for each type. Look here.

Loader is an investment that is quite important and takes considerable cost for businesses. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your loader works in the best condition.

Choosing the right tire loader for your loader is one of the best ways to ensure that your machine operates effectively. Loader, proper tire selection loader, enables you to work more efficiently and thus reduce operating costs and downtime.

Different types of tire loaders are used for a front-end loader, skid steer, backhoe, or forklift, depending on terrain or areas where heavy equipment you work and walk. For example, tires with flower ‘lug’ are ideal for traction, while tires with a smooth tread are more suitable for sandy or grassy surfaces and patterns ‘skid tire’ suitable for use in a concrete way.

heavy equipment loader tires

Loader tire types are discussed in more detail below:

Flower Pattern LUG

LUG tires with flower patterns are very suitable for the use of traction. The deeper the LUG pattern of the tire, the better they will perform well in traction. However, keep in mind that tires with LUG pattern are not suitable for use on concrete surfaces and sensitive surfaces such as a grassy area for this kind of tire pressure on the surface of the soil that is high enough so that the use of tires in both areas will cause the tires to be fast depleting.

Flower Pattern Industrial LUG

Industrial tires with a flower pattern LUG are multifunction tires. This wheel can be used for concrete surfaces and soft ground. If you run your loader on a public road, LUG industrial tires are highly recommended.

Turf Pattern

Turf pattern is suitable for hard concrete surfaces and sensitive surfaces such as grassy areas. This type of tire has a lot of treads and quantity and provides a low pressure at the surface, so it is very efficient when used on concrete surfaces. In addition, the pattern of the tire or rim smooths the load that the loader transport when moving to minimize the damage to the grass surface.

Skid Steer Tread

Tires skid steer loader with a pattern suitable for heavy work because it has wheels and a protective coating that is the thick thread. Tire loader with this pattern works best for traction applications 50% and 50% hard surfaces. In addition, tires skid steer loader with a pattern generally only available in small sizes, making it a good choice for compact wheel loaders.

All types of tires are actually a combination of traction, strength, and wear. Keep in mind that there is no perfect tire for your loader’s whole age and workload. Especially if you work or run on various types of surfaces, such as on a hard surface on one day and then on the sensitive surface on the next day.

Keep in mind that you should choose a tire based on the type of surface you are working normally on. It’s better to note that the skid steer loader can not use a lot of tire choice as discussed in this article. Because the application of this type of loader gives a lot of pressure, especially on the tires with flower lugs thereby potentially tearing the sidewall easily.

This is why the compact loader, which seems to be small, is the main option for a wide selection of tires efficient in various applications of this type of loader.

Source: CranePedia