Forklifts are helpful in many industries, especially in the transport of materials. It can also be efficient to lift, lower or remove large or smaller items on pallets, boxes, or other containers, and sometimes with great caution and good safety practices, however, people.

The trained and certified operators should handle forklifts! The first and most important rule to follow with forklifts is training! Many injuries to operators and their co-workers occurred because the forklift user was not an expert in the specific model and type of forklift he was using.

One aspect of forklift training is training for forklift operators to complete a daily forklift inspection.

The truck operator must inspect the truck daily before using it. The inspection can occur after each shift if the forklifts are overuse on-site, full time.

The inspection of the truck must include a visual inspection and an operational check. First, the operator must visually inspect the forklift and fill in the checklist. Then, after the visual inspection, the operator must perform an operational inspection to ensure everything is working safely. The inspector must complete and record the forklift checklist as required by the company. And inspectors should report immediately any problems they identified during the inspection to a supervisor.

Certified inspectors must document forklift inspections to demonstrate that the standard is achievable. And forklift checklists must be kept for some time by the specified company policy as a reason for the checklists to be returned, including when a forklift accident.

Your forklift checklist should guide you through what you need to see and what you need to check-in traffic.

However, OSHA has no standards or requirements that specify which items are essential on the checklist so that you can use the checklist your company desires.

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Source: weeklysafety