We Sell Paving Equipment

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We sell a variety of paving equipment, not limited but including:

  • Track Asphalt Pavers, Wheel Asphalt Pavers,
  • Screeds, Asphalt Milling Machines,
  • Asphalt Recyclers, Asphalt Brooms,
  • Road Graders, Asphalt Compactors,
  • Chip Spreaders, Backhoes, Motor Graders,
  • Maintainers, Rollers,
  • Road Reclaimers, Cold Planers,
  • Water Tanks, and
  • Seal Coaters.

To name a few examples.  Contact us to discuss your paving equipment needs.

Because Our Stock of Heavy Equipment Changes Daily, Please Call Us at 940.284.5868

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