Construction Equipment Telematics is a systematic combination of on-board diagnostics, GPS technology and monitoring sensors that help record, track and report data via mobile networks on the operation and performance of your cargo. The data generated from these telematics systems is analyzed via a web portal and can also provide information on a different number of machine systems. The most common data and information points provided by telematics relate to idle hours, fuel consumption and engine warnings. Furthermore, most machine builders today supply these telematics systems in their facilities. And thanks to this system, the demand for the machine is increasing every year.

Advantages of Construction Equipment Telematics

Machine owners who use telematics systems have a wide range of benefits that can improve productivity and reduce operating costs. Moreover, here are 5 top benefits we can get by using this system to help you with your construction equipment.

Allocation of assets

Construction Equipment telematics data can provide you with how many hours the machine has been in operation. In addition, you can use this data to analyze if you are using the machine more or less in the work area. If you have an excavator that you don’t use for a long time; you can use it on the other side to work. However, if you don’t have enough machines, the operators will overload existing machines to keep up with the time.

Using telematics data will help you understand exactly how much and how the machine works. Over time, this information will provide you with information on machine analysis. And you will realize that if you already have enough machines on the market or invest more in buying more. In addition, adjusting the size of your fleet will reduce the rental costs you have to pay to equip the machine. Sold on the market.

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Repair & maintenance schedule

Telematics technology for buildings is constantly evolving and helps machine owners provide more information and data points. In the new machine design, manufacturers include on-board scales and sensors that help extract device data from a variety of systems. Everything from error codes, such as fuel consumption, can be easily checked. By integrating telematics data into a maintenance management program, it assists in performing and planning machine repairs and maintenance. In addition, these systems will also provide you with information and warnings as to whether your machine is working properly or not. It helps to know if there is a part of the machine that needs to be replaced. This system identifies a machine problem that can help extend the life of your machine and ultimately reduce labor and repair costs.

Refunds of Fuel Tax

States and the federal government collect excise taxes on diesel and gasoline. The tax provides another kind of benefit because it is common for road construction and maintenance of highway projects. Moreover, there are certain types of companies that use fuel for off-road purposes, such as heavy machinery, and these engines are eligible for federal charges. Furthermore, telematics data can track GPS fuel consumption data and also provide fuel consumption records.

Variants of used wheel loaders are available for sale on the markets. They even have telematics system with this construction equipment. In addition, buying such equipment for your business can automatically increase productivity. And it can lead to many opportunities to increase your return on investment.

Source: MicoEquipment