How Much Does A Combine Harvester Weigh?

Different brands of combines have different specifications and different weights. For example, here are the specifications of combine harvester’s weight of some popular brands:

1. John Deere S690 is a top-rated offering from one of the most experienced agricultural machinery manufacturers. In addition, this heavy-duty machine makes short work of dense, heavy crops while exhibiting exemplary performance in terms of speed and maneuverability. This machine’s weight (without headers) is 15,636 kg.

2. The Claas Lexion 780 is a German brand that exhibits exemplary performance across five continents. Most industries acknowledged the machine as eco-friendly due to its environmentally advanced engine. Moreover, the gleaning performance is enhanced because the sieve positions and fan speed adjust automatically as the machine moves over variable terrain.

combine harvester's weight


3. The Claas Lexion 795 is a more recent iteration of Claas machines. This limited-edition machine stands out due to its unusual green and black paint job and its informal moniker “Monster Limited Edition.” In addition, this machine is similar in weight and specifications to the 780, but people recognize it for its superior performance.

4. Case IH 9240 is a beautifully designed machine that is the most productive and powerful offering from Case manufacturing. Moreover, it offers superior grain handling and modern combines’s highest measured unload rate. Moreover, this machine (without headers) weighs 19,144 kg.

5. New Holland CR 10.90 is listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most potent wheat harvest combine. In addition, this gigantic machine moves smoothly to operate hydraulic suspension rollers and an extended track independently. This giant machine weighs 24,600 kg.

6. Claas Lexion 8900 is even more prominent and is the largest combine harvester worldwide, and it outperforms the new Holland in terms of separation efficiency and percentage of threshed grain. Furthermore, its grain tank is also more extensive than the New Holland. This machine (without headers) weighs 22,400 kg.

Source: FarmAndAnimals