Skid steer loaders offer exceptional versatility in a compact package, making them an essential piece of heavy equipment for any fleet. When buying a new skid steer loader, make sure you have the size, performance, features, options, and specifications that suit your needs. This engine will help keep your workplace productive. Here are some essential things to keep in mind when buying new skid steer loaders.

Tips for Buying New Skid Steer Loaders

Decide on the frame size. Skid steer loaders have a small, medium, or large frame. The size of the frame determines what the engine can do. For example, if you need a long elevator, you may need a large frame; if space in the workplace is limited or tight, you may need a small frame. Also, check the transport and storage capacity.

Check the torque. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, this specification is more critical than skid power. Power is more than just how fast an engine runs, but torque means its true power.

In most cases, a standard hydraulic shear package is suitable for working on the machine. However, some applications benefited from a higher flow hydraulic system. Talk to your dealer about the work on this machine, ask if you need auxiliary hydraulics, and discuss accessories.

Choose between radial and vertical lift machines.

buying new skid steer loaders
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Generally speaking, radial skid steer loaders are better for digging and ground-level work. In contrast, vertical lift skid steer loaders are more suitable for lifting and laying applications and can often handle more insects and loads.

Buy a comfortable cab. Comfortable operation is safer, more efficient, and more satisfied with your work. Find features such as ergonomic design, clever control layouts, and highly responsive controls.

Go to optional features. Today’s skid-steer loaders offer many options that make them safer, more efficient, and user-friendly. Talk to your reseller about which optional features suit your budget and needs.

Purchase from an established dealer with excellent warranties and maintenance contracts. The right seller means personal advice and protection when buying your investment in heavy equipment. Work with a supplier with a long tradition that offers top brands, supplies parts and components as you need them, and has mechanics trained in production for in-store and on-site services—Place for maintenance prevention and repair. Purchasing from a leading supplier such as Trekker means the highest quality equipment and reliable maintenance to make your move safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

Source: TrekkerGroup